Scout Media is a full serve production company with a state of the art shooting facility. We bring film, photography and production artists together to reinvent how quality content is produced. We are masters of creative collaboration and pride ourselves in making connections that last.

What We Do...

We work with advertising agencies, and broadcast producers to create high level content in video and still photography.

Working in unison with agency creatives and freelance directors and producers, we shoot and edit content for commercial advertising, print campaigns, video for broadcast and web, high speed motion, green screen, interactive, fashion and beauty, and corporate.

Everything is handled in-house, from pre- to post-production. Editing, VFX and sound design, it’s all at Scout Headquarters!

How We Do It...

Born from a commercial photography background, we’ve created a lean, agile approach to producing concept-driven, high-quality content.

Our specialized skills in camera work and editing, help us approach every project with the final treatment in mind. We have a terrific network of industry professionals to help pull it all together, and our multi-talented roster gives you more creative and technical expertise along the way.

A fully equipped studio gives us the tools to produces beautiful campaigns with ease.

Result: Your production wins every-time!

What We Believe...

The 90s are over and the industry has changed in both technology and aesthetics. We’ve evolved with those changes, and have adapted and invested in a production model where collaborations with agency creatives are seamless.

Our approach to producing content for today’s new media, cuts production waste and takes advantage of the latest image-making technologies.

We believe that creativity comes easier when you have the right environment! That’s why we’ve built a studio that’s comfortable, flexible, and filled with all the essential gear.

A production model which allows for efficient creation of non-traditional video content for web is the future of advertising.