Production + Post

As a response to the growing market for quality digital content, Scout Media has developed a production model which delivers high level content while allowing for the best use of budgets… Expertly orchestrated productions with the highest level of efficiency. After all, its not 1997 any more.

The Right Crew

Producing is an art form unto itself. Every job is unique and requires the right crew to execute it properly. Our proverbial rolodex is robust. Over the past ten years we’ve built a collection of professional producers and techs who we know & trust to get the job done right. Whether you need an animal wrangler or that perfect actor, we can find the right people for the job!

Our Edge

Our photography & editing backgrounds gives us an edge when it comes to planning a shoot. Having an eye for treatment & detail, and a technical background, means we never loose sight of what’s needed for successful execution. Our editors & image crafters play an active role in the production from early on, not just on the shoot day.

We understand that solid execution is key to a seamless editing and finishing process. Let’s just say, we’ve been known to over-deliver!

Agency Produced Ideas

If your creative team has a concept that they would love to bring to life, we can help them develop the idea and establish a strategy to make it a reality.

Trying to blend photography and motion picture shoots into one project? No problem! We can help with that too.

We’re a full-service production company with a relaxed environment. We’re always open to creative collaboration! Call us!