“What do you mean we don’t need a package truck?”, said our last agency producer.

We spent three years planning and building a highly-efficient studio we’re proud to call home. With in-house Red cameras, comprehensive lighting & grip packages, 65′ of cyc wall, and all of your everyday production gear, including 2 kitchens, big load-in doors and 25 parking spots, we are set up to offer tremendous production value – under one roof.

Less crew, rentals, & hassles

Our studio is loaded with everything you could ask for. We spend less time sourcing and coordinating rentals, and more time crafting images.

Stocking the best equipment gives us the flexibility to take on all types of projects. And best of all, because it’s all our own, we can experiment, pre-shoot, test and really enjoy the process.

This turn-key set-up allows us the freedom to take on jobs big and small.
We’re doing our part to cut down on Toronto traffic by eliminating cube vans.

A beautiful place to work

Spend an afternoon with Scout Media and you’ll see how advanced our studio is.

The green screen is freshly painted.  Every piece of gear has it’s place. Every plug is exactly where it should be.  Even the coffee is just right.

Care for craft isn’t limited to the studio floor.  Our private client lounge & fully stocked kitchen make days on set easy and comfortable.  And Wifi, laptop workstations, leather couches, & a live on-set monitor keep our clients happy and  in the loop as they relax under the skylight in the mezzanine.

And to top it all off, we have a super cool, technically advanced green roof system: to grow our veggies, and house an apiary for our honey (but that’s only, if you eat your veggies)!

A few tech specs

  • 2x Red cameras
  • The “Original Slider”  slick linear bed
  • Doorway dolly & track
  • Pre-hung & pre-wired space lamps (this means 65′ of cyc wall ready with a flick of a switch!)
  • Full rigging grid
  • 800 amps electricity
  • Private Client Lounge, with Wifi & live on-set monitor
  • 2x Kitchens
  • Drive-in load-in
  • Insulated for rolling sound
  • 20 car parking lot
  • 2 min walk to subway, streetcar, & GO Transit

For more studio specs and full gear lists check out our studio site: