Team Scout’s uniquely lean roster means we can efficiently customize the crew for the job.

Michael Banasiak

Michael Banasiak is the founder and creative mind behind Scout Media. His enthusiasm for creative possibility took him from behind the camera as a professional commercial photographer to developing 276 | Sterling Studio, an innovative studio where the brightest minds can come together and create.

Translating art direction into strong visuals and exploring the possibilities within light are his forte;  as are finding innovative solutions in production to deliver high production value.  His focus is to grow a community that values beauty, integrity, and keeping promises. Michael has over 12 years experience shooting advertising for brands such as Mazda, Rogers, Hershey’s, CIBC, Bell Mobility, ING Direct, MLSE, and Capital One.

A testament to Michael’s visionary idealism and drive is the state-of-the-art green roof he constructed on the studio rooftop. This innovative technology not only offers superior sound insulation for shoots, but also an excellent environment for its two urban bee hives & vegetable patch.

On set, Michael has a way of keeping things down to earth while maintaining an eye for nuances.  He will let nothing stand in the way of bringing a project to life.  From the shutter to the post-edit wrap party, he has been part of it all.  His network is large, and if there is something he can’t solve, you can talk to his really good friend who can.

Maja Hajduk

Maja Hajduk is a Toronto-based, beauty and fashion photographer & burgeoning director. Her career began in shooting editorial work and evolved into advertising; her images having been featured in many of Canada’s top publications such as Elle, Fashion, Glow and Toronto Life, and for clients such as L’Oreal, Brose, and Ron White.

As a stills photographer Maja’s attention to nuance and detail have brought life and carefree beauty to her photographs.  She’s also become well known for the quality of her photography, appearing to be simultaneously realistic, and more whimsical than reality. Her on-set presence is relaxed, strongly-collaborative, and driven-for-perfection. There is no second-best when it comes to delivering original content for her clients.

As a stills photographer with a classical fine art background, Maja brings advanced lighting, color, and composition to every shot. On the Scout team, Maja often contributes behind-the-scenes creative direction and style suggestions. Bringing with her a strong sense of design and a contemporary view of the art, fashion and politics to our group.

In 2010, Maja was recognized in the WomenXWomen photography retrospective on Canadian women in fashion photography, and also awarded an ADCC for her editorial work with Fashion Magazine.

JL Munce

Jeremy Munce is an award winning director/editor who apprenticed and co-directed with infamous maverick director Bruce McDonald.  He has worked for more than 10 years as a long-form dramatic and doc editor.

Munce transitioned to directing a few years ago and now moonlights doing both.  His unique combination of skills are an essential part of the Scout team.  The flow he finds when telling a story is matched only when he’s climbing a sheer rock face or hurtling down a mountain on powder skis.

As an Editor, he brings a sense of dynamic rhythm and effortless flow in moving imagery and montage, constantly pushing the boundaries of artistry and technique.

As a director, it’s all about intelligent and fluid storytelling with dynamic optic fibre.  With a keen eye for visual treatment and style, he’s always looking for fresh, unpredictable and innovative ways to tell a story.  Jeremy possesses a profound understanding of the need for the form of a piece to reflect its content.

2:00 Minute Editing Reel :30 Second Editing Reel

Andrew Harris

Andrew has an art-based background dating back to 2004 where he learned the foundations of light, color and composition at Lester B. Pearson, School for the Arts. Andrew has since developed his expertise in the area of digital management and is now training as a high level colorist.  Fascinated with the vast world of motion color, picture editing and after effects he aspires to be the best color grader in the city. Thats alot of drive for a young cat.

Andrew is also a well rounded studio and production assistant, together with his positive and youthful demeanor has become an asset to the day to day operations at Scout.

Aidas Rygelis

Aidas [eye-das] attended OCAD for 3 years before studying photojournalism at Loyalist College and later receiving a BFA in photography from NSCAD in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since returning to Toronto Aidas has worked both as a sports photographer and a lighting Technician.

Aidas’s love for gripping and gaffing has landed him at Scout Media as the master of rigging and lighting. At 6ft 7 inches tall and almost as fit as an olympian, he has a unique ability to move around the studio with speed and reach. His extensive background in rock climbing may have something to do with his passion for heights and knots and above all, safety. Did we mention he is a bit of a gear-head. Aidas lives with his wife and is a devoted dog rescuer.